Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Hibernating Bear And The Caged Tiger

Both sound pretty harmless, but history has proven time and again that sleeping bears wake up and caged tigers eventually get out, and when they do they can cause lots of havoc. Especially when both of them are ambitious, and ambitious they are. One wants to regain their world power status, and the other wants to claim that moniker and both want to do so by getting the U.S. out of the way.

First we need to look at just what it is to make a nation a world power. There are many things that it needs, far too many to ever list. There some absolutes though, that without no country will ever rise out of the regional power status. Those things are: resources, a strong army with modern weapons (air force is included in this), a blue water navy, and the desire, wherewithal and know-how.

Resources are a must and the need for them have led to most of the wars ever fought since the beginning of time. They are things like land, oil, minerals, water, food supply, and even people. A few of the great powers of old has used the other three to gain resources, Great Britain and France were the ones with the greatest staying power. Japan and Germany during World War II almost pulled it off as well using the old adage of the unarmed rich man (or country) being the poor soldier's booty. These two bit off a little more than they could chew, not being content with enough. Although you can get them by force, it is far easier and less costly to get them from you own soil, like we can, but no longer do. Russia  and China both have resources abundant, but Russia has unlimited. Although China has found themselves a ready supply in Africa without the use of arms, they only needed our money.

A large and strong army with modern weapons is pretty self-self-explanatory. You need all the necessary weapons of war, from pistols to planes. Almost every country has an army, and many can lay claim to large, strong, or modern, but only three can claim all three. The U.S. of course, but also Russia and China.

A blue water navy, which in a nutshell is a navy capable moving around the world in force. This is an absolute necessity, because no matter how advanced a country gets, it can never move man in machine with enough supplies to fight a sustained battle without a navy to get it there, planes cannot do it. We are the only true naval power in the world for now. Russia once was, but they let their fleet become dilapidated and old, but they are refurbishing it at a break-neck speed. As for China she is still a brown water navy, which pretty much means that their navy is confined to their coastline and their region. Their aims are anything but regional. They are building their first aircraft carrier and they have the money, our money, to buy a navy from any source, like France or Russia. Heck they may even buy our own, with the Administration we have in power, sailors and all. seriously though, they could ask for a couple of aircraft carriers and destroyers, and cruisers as payment for all these loans we can't pay back and continue to add to.

Lastly we come to the desire, wherewithal, and know-how and this is a little harder to discern. Most would think that the desire would be a given for all the countries and more than likely is save for a select few. The wherewithal and know-how is a different story. Not many nations have them both. We had all three, but seem to be losing the wherewithal, we want all our wars to be nice, clean, and fast. Without our dominance in strength we would falter. Two other nations have it all though, you guessed it, Russia and China. Leadership could fit in here as well, but we seem to be lacking here too with our waffling, pandering and appeasing commander-in-chief. He can't compare to the former KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin or the The leaders in China.

You are wondering about nuclear weapons and although these make nation look formidable, it is far from a must have. MAD assures us that no nation will ever use them. What is MAD? It is an old cold war acronym for mutually assured destruction. It means that if any of us push the button, all will follow suit and all will lose. They are used as a deterrent, nothing more.

Never think for a second, that just because Russia and China are our "allies" now that they pose no threat. They are more of a threat than they have ever been, because now they are in close. They want our spot on the world stage and both are working toward that end. They are building their militaries to rival our own and all their war games are against us. That Chinese submarine just didn't pop up too close to our Carrier by accident, nor was the "unexplainable" contrail off the coast of California, that looked an awful lot like a missile, a UFO. The same goes for the new games of cat and mouse that use to go on in the cold war against Russia just them having fun. They are planned and used to gain information on our reaction. We need to wake up to the fact that we are in their crosshairs.

Russia has more resources than even they know about. They have more undiscovered than most countries have in total, and they are exploiting them as fast as they can, and using them. They have been a world power, and desire to be again. They have everything it takes and they are the people that defeated Napoleon. They are truly a force to be reckoned with, not to play with by giving them a ludicrous "reset" button.

Napoleon said, "let China sleep, for when she awakens the world will tremble." No other country is branching out the way China is. They are exploiting Africa's resources as fast as they can and using them to grow powerful and needed on the world stage. They also have one of the world's largest merchant fleets, if not the largest, that needs only a little protection.

Both are threats and need to be paid attention to. An even scarier thought would be them joining forces. There is an obscure intelligence theory that has them joining together to defeat the US. Apart they are formidable, together they are untouchable. Who could stop them? It wouldn't be pretty.

Do we have another greatest Generation to do the job?  Thank goodness it is still winter and the bear is still hibernating in his cave and the tiger is sleeping in a cage. Both getting very restless, because spring is just around the corner. We better be ready.

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