Friday, June 17, 2011

Modern Day Reagan

"Our founding fathers believed certain truths to be self-evident...but for those truths to prevail we must have the courage to proclaim it." President Ronald Wilson Reagan said these words, but better yet he lived them and that was and is the reason he is hated by the liberal/progressives and scorned by the elitist republicans(most also progressive). We have the same thing in a politician today, one that may just be hated and scorned even more, if that is possible. Those same vitriolic words used against Reagan in the 1970's and 1980's are used to attack this new Reagan today. We conservatives have been asking if we will ever be lucky enough to have another Reagan. We are that lucky. We have one out of the same mold, this one just wears heels and lipstick.

Sarah Palin burst onto the scene in 2008 as John McCain's running mate and took everyone by surprise in the process. Since then she has taken the political world by storm and has given the "lamestream" media fits. Just like Reagan she speaks plainly and honestly. She says what she means and means what she says. She does things her own way and while doing so proclaims proudly the messages of our founding fathers. She said, "as Reagan said, America was more than a place in the world; it was a world-changing idea, founded on a set of principles that had weathered many storms. Reagan restored our faith that those principles would prove themselves again." Funny Mrs. Palin gives us that same faith that we can weather the present gale sweeping over our nation.

She has the same beliefs of Reagan in our founding principles and echoes these words of Reagan often, "in our present crisis government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem." She knows that the tinkerings of government only makes problems worse, and restrict our rights and freedoms in the process. She, like Reagan, knows this is freedoms last stand. Reagan said, "I think it is time we ask ourselves if we still know the freedoms intended to us by our founding fathers." She knows! She also knows these words of Reagan are  just as true, "if we lose freedom here there is no place else to go."

Her strength, character, unrelenting honor and morality, and extreme courage will see us through. Theodore Roosevelt said, "if a man [or woman] has a very decided character, has a strongly accentuated career it is normally the case, of course, that he makes ardent friends and bitter enemies." She has many of both. She keeps right on a going no matter what those bitter enemies throw her way and that makes them hate her all the more. They fail to realize that her that they only make her stronger. Who else could withstand such an onslaught from not on the "lamestream" media and the left, but also the elitist and progressive republicans as well. They have tried to paint her as stupid, an idiot, petty, narcissism, domineering, unqualified, and any other hateful verb you can imagine. They used the same against Reagan and look what he did. Journalists (and I use the name very loosely) have actually admitted an all out campaign to destroy her, for no other reason as they disagree with her, and are terrified of her. Then you have the journalistic terrorists like Andrea Mitchell, the rest of MSNBC, most of CNN, and those nice gals of the View that have attempted nothing short of media assassination. Just recently they forced the State of Alaska to release 24,000 pages of her private e-mails while she was governor (which they have never asked of Obama, no other governor, or politician), just knowing they was bound to find some juicy dirt. Heck they knew nobody could not have any with that much correspondence, so they were licking their lips. You could look at 24 pages of most politicians e-mails, even their beloved Obama and find enough dirt to start a garden. The real news is that after scouring those 24,000 pages, much to their chagrin they found no dirt. That is news, and these "journalist" seem to have gotten laryngitis now. Character has been defined at what you do when nobody is looking. Like maybe in 24,00 private e-mails. Even with this all-out and relentless assault on her and her family, she is still standing. Not just standing, but flourishing by doing it her way.

In the 2010 mid-term elections she showed her courage and character by backing anyone with a likeminded view. She didn't pick and choose like Obama and most other politicians, on only those they thought could win. She said, "I haven't played it safe. I don't play that game. I'm not wired that way." She didn't either, she backed them regardless of their chances, not worrying or caring over saving face. She did what she thought was right and didn't care who saw it or the heat she took for it. Mark Twain said, "always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest." It sure made the "lamestream" media apoplectic, and in the process pushed some good conservatives into office, and made many races close that should not have been.

Sadly there are those in the republican party that can't or refuse to see her strengths. They seem terrified of her for no other reason as they may lose some of their long held power. These beltway elites are the same that blamed her for the flaws and the loss of the McCain campaign, when we all know that without her it would have been a massacre. They should be ashamed of themselves too, and so should these republican voices, some that are in the race now, for not stopping the political cannibalism. George Will is fond of saying to say nothing bad of other conservatives, yet at every turn he and his cohorts attack Sarah at every turn.

None of them, left or right, can understand why it is we love her. Their elitist attitudes won't allow them to. We love her because she is not one of them, she is one of us. She does not have to claim to be from working class roots, she is. She said of the TEA Party, "these people aren't an angry mob- they are Americans. Why do some feel they need to demonize them?" They demonize her as well, because she is the TEA Party. She understands us, because she lived it. Like Reagan she speaks with us, not at us, or if you are Obama, down at us. She may not fit in a straight republican box, or even a conservative one, but we don't want her in a box. There is no box that can hold here, but America can sure hold her. We love her because she does not play by their rules, she won't let them control her. She is unorthodox, just like our founders were. She said, "the process may not always be pretty or perfect, but the message is loud and clear; we want a government worthy of the fine Americans it serves." She meets her detractors on her terms and instead of surrendering she reloads and fires back with both barrels. This "stupid" woman has the "lamestream" media following her around like puppy dogs, and she is the one controlling the dialogue. That is exactly why we love her, and she can win. And yes Mr. Krauthammer, we want her carrying the football.

Sure there are lots of folks that believe otherwise, repeating the media mantra of she can't win or that Obama would love to run against her. That could never be further from the truth, the Obama Administration is terrified of her. If they weren't so scared of her, why waste the time, money, and effort on such a loser. Rush Limbaugh always says they will tell us who are candidate is by who they attack the most. You don't destroy something you don't fear. They fear her, because against her their progressive agenda will be pointed out and highlighted. Shown for what it really and truly is, socialism. Now as for the elitist republicans who say they are afraid she can't win against Obama, are really afraid she can win, and if she does they lose their juice. So they joined forces with the progressive devil to destroy this honorable lady.

There are also some out there that has bought into all the propaganda against her and doubt her ability. Why? You say all the time how tired you are of the liberal media being the driving force in republican politics and tired of our politicians always seeking their approval. You always say how you want someone who is not of Washington, someone with character and courage, to be our candidate. You have one now. So why is it that you are letting them manipulate you into believing all the political propaganda, spin, and outright lies they push against her. Her detractors are now pushing a new mantra. It says how they love her, but the liberal media has destroyed her. They haven't destroyed her, she is still standing after they have taken their best shots and still proudly proclaiming her message. They can only destroy her if you allow them to.

She said, "if people are tired of what they get out of big money and big machines running campaigns and candidates who have to compromise, then the American electorate would look to someone like me." We are looking. I have no idea if she is running, but I do know she can win and our country would be a far better place for it. At the end of his presidency Reagan said, "we meant to change a nation, instead we changed a world." She will do the same. We need her. So I have just three words for you and her...

Run, Sarah, Run!!!!!!

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