Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Can Complain!

After giving the Obama administration their kudos, now I must question why they are releasing that we grabbed loads of intelligence. Either they are the dumbest people ever to run this country or they got zilch in the intelligence department and I truly don't see how that is possible. So why would you ever announce it and give those people time to close up shop and find a hole? Any second rate intelligence officer knows to keep your mouth shut and spend the next six months rounding up high value targets. You will catch far more that way than sending them in a frenzy and hoping they make a mistake. These folks have been living this game, they won't make the mistakes you need them to in the frenzy method. Maybe it would have been better just to keep your mouth shut and let every terrorist worry who is next. Semper Fidelis and God bless America.

As I stated from the start, I am just a simple country boy and need things explained to me in very simple language. So can anyone tell me just how it is our stock market keeps rising even though our economy is in a shamble? I am not very bright, but even I can see something just isn't kosher there. Look at the real estate market, foreclosure rates, the real unemployment rate, oil prices, gold prices, lack of money to make purchases, inflation, uncontrollable government spending, more people than over on the government payrolls, more people on welfare or other social programs, massive and unpayable government and personal debt, the list is absolutely endless and yet our stock market keeps right on a rising like we are in the roaring twenties. How? Why? What's wrong? There is absolutely nothing in our economy that points to a rising market. Watch out! There are two out of control trains on the same track. Though this crash will make the last look like childs play. And guess who will pay? Us! You and I. Not the democrats, not the republicans, and for sure not the traders or business people. All of those people, the ones that cause it will get off scott free while we foot the bill again. Semper

Fidelis and God bless America.

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