Friday, May 6, 2011

Taxing The Rich

The one great thing about this 24/7 Osama bin Laden coverage is I don't have to hear how the rich don't pay their fair share for a few days. You know something though, they are right. The rich don't pay their fair share, they pay far more than fair. The talking points our President has been using on this is ridiculous. "Fair share" and "shared sacrifice." Come on, a simple web search will show you that the only ones not paying their fair share or sharing in the sacrifice are the lower incomes, incidently which I belong to. We already have a graduated tax system that the rich pays far more than the working class.

So lets stop this eat the rich mentality. It isn't helping and it will not turn out well. It has been used before and usually leads to mass grave. It did in Russia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba, South American and where ever else it was tried. Look at who the tax burden is on and you will see that it is the rich. Besides all jobs I have had was given to me by a rich person. Plus I would like to hang around them, maybe something will rub off:)

Thats all for today, much more later, maybe even tonight:)

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