Friday, May 6, 2011

The Middle Eastern Explosion!

The Middle East is exploding and very few people see it for what is really happening. They are so caught up in the glamor and romance portrayed in the news media of the honorable and heroic freedom fighters and modern day George Washintons. But are they? There has been some very telling and chilling tales that say otherwise. The horrific rape of Lara Logan and the down with Israel clap trap to name a few.

There is two groups involved here and are pushing this "arab spring" to begin. They are the marxist and leftist groups and trade unions from the west and the Muslim Brotherhood. Both are very dangerous and both think they are using the other.

The Marxist/leftist think they can play agent provacatuer and use that same old tired message the have used time and time again of the workers of the world uniting. They are using the mantra that says the rich are stealing your money. They think you can manipulate the backward arabs and finally make their workers utopia that has failed the world over in the worlds most volatile region.

The Muslim Brotherhood on the other hand has designs on a Islamic State or caliphate. They want to turn the arab spring into a very cold winter. They see by causing this trouble and deposing the dictators they will cause a void that needs to be filled. They want to be in place to do just that. Never think for a second that their hands aren't all over Libya. They hare involved in every country in the region as well as in Europe and even America.  So to be so naive to think that they are not involved in their neighbors problems is just down right silly and even more dangerous.

Both of these groups are devious, but one is very deadly. I'll let you figure that one out yourself.

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