Friday, May 6, 2011

Where has the love gone?

A progressive/liberal talk show host that nobody knows asked his two listeners when the Navy SEALs, which incidently he didn't even know the correct term or SEAL Team 6 even after all the coverage, was going to take out President George W. Bush. Really it is no joke. His reasoning was that President Bush murdered far more people than Osama bin Laden. This should tell you enough about the kind of people the progressive/liberal crew is.

The news still is crying over the evil Sarah Palin's cross hairs, but seem awfully silent when it comes to these idiots , of which they are many more. Where has that new found civility gone? Could it be it only applies to them right-wing hate mongers? Yes! It is only an issue when they can get some political mileage out of it. This should tell you who these people really are and how much they actually believe in their love fest and civil tone.

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